PROJECT EXAMPLE: Mishoe Science Center (North)

Desmond A. Baker& Associates, LLC, was commissioned by the Delaware State University Board to provide consultant-engineering services - Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection for the complete upgrade of this 1970 vintage building.  The building was constructed to house 500 students on three (3) levels.  Included in Desmond A. Baker& Associates, LLC, design for upgrade of the building were:


HVAC: Design of a zone chilled water system with in room fan coil units. Provided fresh air to meet new ASHRAE requirement for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  Upgraded ventilation and exhaust system for each room and public restrooms.  Automatic temperature control for individual room control with monitoring from site wide energy management system.


ELECTRICAL:  Provided design for upgraded electrical power distribution.  Included were surge suppression system for each room for computers and other associated equipment.


LIGHTING: Upgraded lighting to meet new Illumination Engineering Society (IES) standards for residential/dormitory facilities.  Upgrade lighting for corridors, showers, shower rooms, toilets and storage areas.


Upgraded lighting for building perimeter to maintain IES illumination level for security and safety.


SMOKE/FIRE: Provided design for state-of-the-art fire and smoke

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University of Delaware

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Desmond A. Baker & Associates provided the University of Delaware a comprehensive engineering physical needs assessment for the 80,000 sq. ft. Athletic Field and Sports Administration building. Working with an architectural firm, this needs assessment incorporated architectural, mechanical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, fire protection, electrical, energy conservation and lighting evaluations.